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All occupants and pets safe following kitchen fire in basement unit

The resident of the basement unit used a fire extinguisher on the fryer before removing it from the kitchen and depositing it into the snowbank outside
2022 01 16 NBFES Fire Massey Drive
NBFES and paramedics responded to the fire call on Massey Drive, Sunday evening.

A melted fryer appliance ended up in a snowbank outside a Massey Drive duplex Sunday evening but North Bay Fire and Emergency Services reports no injuries to humans or pets after responding to the call for help around 8:30 p.m.

According to the NBFES report, the resident of the basement unit helped evacuate her children, as well as the occupants of the upstairs unit, after she used a fire extinguisher on the fryer and removed it from the kitchen — depositing it into the snowbank outside.

District of Nipissing paramedics responded and checked over all the occupants of the house and no further medical attention was required. The family's cats were located in good condition following a search of the premises.

The fire crew completed a primary search and checked for any found no heat or fire extension using a thermal imaging camera. NBFES personnel then ventilated the unit with a fan to clear out all the smoke before an air quality check was performed.

Unsure of your responsibilities as a tenant or landlord when it comes to fire prevention? See the Ontario Fire Protection and Prevention Act.