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18 year old female charged with assault with a weapon

West Nipissing Police Service News Release ***** During the week of February 07th to February 13th, 2014, the West Nipissing Police Service logged 179 calls for service.

West Nipissing Police Service
News Release


During the week of February 07th to February 13th, 2014, the West Nipissing Police Service logged 179 calls for service. 

Among those were 36 9-1-1 calls, 28 Police Assistance calls, 5 Alarms, 4 Mischief calls, 4 Thefts, 2 Assaults, 2 Domestic Disputes and 2 Frauds.

A 31 year old Sudbury man was charged with Assault after a complaint was received of an incident which took place at a business located on Hwy 17 in Verner. 

On January 31st, while driving through, a couple stopped at the restaurant which is when an argument turned physical while inside the store. 

Officers were able to obtain video surveillance footage and well as statements from witnesses to corroborate the allegation. 

He was later released on a Promise To Appear with conditions not to communicate with the victim.

On Feb. 07th, the West Nipissing Police Service received a walk-in complaint from a female stating that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. 

The female victim said that while at her residence, an argument started related to fidelity issues. 

She continued to say that during the argument, the accused took her cell phone and wouldn’t let her leave the house. 

He then lifted the victim in the air and dropped her on the bed. 

He then started to choke her but ultimately let go of her. 

The victim was eventually able to get away and reported it to police. 

The 27 year old male was located and charged for Assault, Overcome Resistance by Choking, Uttering Threats, Unlawfully in a Dwelling and Mischief. 

He was held in custody and was brought to bail court.

On Feb. 09th, the West Nipissing Police Service responded to a Domestic incident located at a residence on Evansville Dr.

Upon arrival, officers observed an intoxicated male lying on the ground near the residence. 

Witnesses say that the male had to be removed from the house because he was out of control and had to be restrained until police arrival. 

Police located the female victim who was the accused girlfriend at the time. 

She said that while inside the residence a verbal argument erupted and when she tried to leave, he grabbed her arms while pushing her back inside. 

The victim also told police of another similar incident which occurred back in December, 2013. 

The 24 year old accused male was arrested and charged with 2 counts of Assault and 2 counts of Forcible Confinement. 

He was kept in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

On Feb. 09th, a complaint was received from a male stating that he was a victim of an assault while being at a residence located on Main St. 

The victim told police that an argument started between him and his girlfriend and at one point she attacked him with a pair of scissors stabbing him in the back. 

The victim only suffered two minor puncture wounds that did not need any medical attention. 

He then left the residence and attended a local restaurant located on Front St. 

Once inside he met with another male and while speaking with him, this male would have attacked him by punching him repeatedly in the face. 

An 18 year old female was charged for Assault With A Weapon and a 16 year old male was charged with Assault. 

The female was brought to bail court while the Young Offender was released on a Promise To Appear.

On February 10th, officers were dispatched to a residence located on Front St regarding a Domestic Dispute. 

Upon arrival, the male victim told police that an ex-girlfriend broke into his apartment and assaulted him. 

The victim continued on to say that he was punched in the face and kicked twice in the groin area. 

The 37 year old female was soon located and charged with Assault, Break and Enter, Unlawfully in a Dwelling House and one count of Mischief. 

She was held in custody and brought to Bail court.

Two people were taken into custody and charged with Breach of Recognizance after a complaint was received at the WNPS. 

On February 10th, the police were asked to check on the well-being of an elderly female and when police arrived on scene, information was received that her grandson was in the residence as well as his girlfriend. 

Officers queried these two persons and it was revealed that they had conditions not to communicate with each other. 

Officers searched the residence and both were eventually located and arrested. 

A 48 year old male with one count and a 50 year old female was charged with 2 counts of Breach of Recognizance and one count of Obstruct Police. 

Both were kept for Bail.

On February 13th, the WNPS received a complaint from a business owner situated on Front St stating that sometime overnight someone broke the front windows of his store. 

The owner stated that no entry was gained but that the approx. value of the damages could be as high as $1500. 

There are no suspects at this time but police are still investigating.

On February 13th, a walk in complaint was received from a man who received an e-mail from the Caisse Populaire saying that he had won $1500 and that the amount was to be transferred to his account. 

The e-mail asked the man to click on a link to claim their prize. 

The complainant was wary of this and did not click on the link provided. 

The officer advised the man that the banks will not contact any clients via e-mails and especially when money is to be transferred into their account. 

The public should not trust any communication by e-mails when they are identifying themselves as a bank.

Anyone with information about these or other crimes, please call the West Nipissing Police Service at 705-753-1234 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).