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Letter to the Editor: O'Hagan resigns from Catholic School Board

'I wish you all to know that given the ongoing health issues from my stroke and not knowing from day to day the priority of our special needs son, his caregiving and continued health or what could be next I have had to submit my retirement/ resignation to the Nipisssing-Parry Sound Catholic Separate School Board.'
20220908 frank o'hagan supplied
Frank O'Hagan resigns from Catholic School Board

To the Editor, 

Many, many thanks.

With my sincerest apologies to the 1,361 people and others who have supported me, or not, I wish you all to know that given the ongoing health issues from my stroke, and not knowing from day to day the priority of our special needs son, his caregiving, I have had to submit my retirement/ resignation to the Nipisssing-Parry Sound Catholic Separate School Board.

I would in this letter, wish to assure all of you about what I have learned, I believe with the changes that have been made, and one of the most important jobs being the strategic plan and your critical inclusiveness with those ongoing priorities, we can envision a great start and a productive next four years.

I was honoured and very impressed with the three "Meet and Greet" sessions. The first was put on by the federation representatives Rick Belisle of the secondary panel and Tammiy Chasse by the elementary panel. The turnout from many staff representing all sectors, the six candidates, and the critical issues discussed, were well received. They included ongoing meetings with the board and chair, communications, classroom health and safety issues, family caregiving, care and death, and the need for leave and contract issues. makes the financially needy see change toward compassionate support.

I was also very impressed with the "Meet and Greet" put on by Fr. Daniele Muscolinio at Holy Name Parish. The number of parishioners from all parishes was incredible, and the questions covered a variety of topics. Unfortunately, only four candidates showed up, however, the candidates there did their best.

At these sessions, the chair Leo De Jourdan made note again that he is quite aware of all the issues brought forward and  I believe in the transparency, accountability, and due diligence of Leo to remember them and bring them forward.

The third Meet and Greet hosted by the University students for school boards and municipal candidates, although less formal, gave all a chance to mingle, chat and meet with those seeking their vote.

In our situation, it was the first time in an election where local trustees were elected and not acclaimed, and a process and procedure for the candidates to publically see voters, know them, question them, and make them aware of their platform and promises.

Our good news as a board is that only one trustee refused any of the opportunities, leaving us with no reason or idea why to support or re-elect that mindset?

Although very pleased with the inauguration, I was very concerned about the nominee for chair and as a result, had advised the director I would be putting forth a motion of re-consideration. Knowing this person so for many reasons, in my estimation, he had not earned or deserved to be nominated or elected vice-chair.

The chair, just elected, and the director not knowing or having had a chance to check my motion under Robert's Rules, were caught, however, the chair unilaterally denied my request.

With a Robert's Rules of Order seminar that week and this motion covered in that process, I was able to get a clarification as was the board, and the matter was resolved.

I am delighted to say that my transition to the board was excellent and to the director Paula Mann, the superintendent Audrey Gribbons, and secretary Victoria Johnson, thank you.

To all other staff many, many thanks for your patience, kindness, and professionalism on my behalf.

I know now that the time needed and expected almost daily will be more than I can give. Knowing how my time has changed and can change quickly at any time, like many of you, for a number of personal reasons out of my control, I respectfully ask for your understanding and indulgence.

Lastly, I enjoyed visiting the schools this last week during their science Lego presentation I was overwhelmed by the four schools with the student's incredible skills, the parents, relatives, and staff support teachers, principals, and schools.

I would be remiss in not thanking the media for all their support. I can assure you that any and all of my letters were always written with truth and integrity and always in the best interest of making, or seeing changes I felt were critical.

I believe that there is a lot of hope in changes that have been made so far, and further changes that the chair Leo and I had discussed over our time together. I am saddened knowing I could be working with him to bring them forward  with all that could share and benefit to keep "Children First." 

Frank O'Hagan