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Letter to the editor: Fedeli ignoring constituents claims Maclennan

'Vic has been asked by Pride, given plenty of notice of pride events, but never shows up or responds'

I have lived in North Bay a very long time, right back to when Vic Fedeli was mayor.

I may not have always agreed with Vic, however, he always respected people, and always got back to you if you asked him something. Vic would research his answer, figure out if he could support you, and explain why he couldn’t or could support you.

What happened to that Vic?

Vic Fedeli became our MPP, and all sudden he spends more time fighting with many constituents because they asked him a question, asked for help, or just disagreed with actions he has taken or something he said or actions that the current government has taken. He has even blocked people on all his social media.

Some people I understand, because they can get heated and say things that are not too nice, however, he tends to block anyone that just disagrees with him or asks him a question. But he seems to forget he spins his own web because he talks down to many, and or, won't respond or support people. People get tired of nonanswers or being dismissed.

My experience with Vic, has been disappointing since he has become MPP.

We asked him for help with my grandmother who was living in a private long-term care home, that was understaffed and places profits before patients, yet he ignored my family’s request for help. My grandmother died because of neglect and her painful death could have been avoided. Vic then claimed that I swore at him, but when asked when and to provide the proof, he never shows it and ignore the requests. The Fact is, I have never sworn at Vic of his staff.

Vic has been asked by Pride, given plenty of notice of pride events, but never shows up or responds. Vic has been challenged to live on minimum wage, never answers to anyone calling on him to do so. He has been given opportunities to talk with the pride community but refuses. Pride isn't the first group Vic has ignored, just ask a few indigenous folks. These groups are neutral and are professional enough to remain neutral which Pride demonstrated during the federal elections candidate debate.

It just seems to me, that when it comes to Vic, you are not allowed to disagree with him and his views. The fact is, as an MPP, you answer to constituents and if you cannot answer to all of them, you are just a coward and should just resign as you are no longer an effective MPP to serve the people or anyone for that matter.

Criticism of politicians is part of your job.

A job as a constituent is to hold our members of government accountable and question them on decisions, they are making that affect us. Question our politicians is how we make things better, improve on actions taken, or change their direction because it is not good for any of us.

I may not always agree with governments or politicians, like Vic wants, I deserve responses that are not inept, and I certainly as a voter and constituent do not deserve to be ignored or blocked by someone who represents me in Queen’s Park.

Vic, the sandbox is full of other children, time to grow a set and be a man by getting back to the way you were when you were mayor. Serve a purpose Vic, because there is enough skin just hanging. If you cannot do that even with people who disagree with you, time to resign and take your blanket and go.

Jason Maclennan

North Bay