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Letter: New election methods a barrier to some seniors

'During recent campaign efforts, specifically door-knocking, many seniors have expressed to us that they find themselves in a difficult position'
Changes in voting may not be the best for seniors say some candidates running for council.

Editor's note: The following is an open letter to City Clerk Karen McIsaac, signed by a number of candidates running in the municipal election.


Dear Mrs. McIsaac,

RE: Election Assistance for Seniors

North Bay Seniors have built this city, paid taxes, and now deserve every opportunity to cast a vote for our future.

During recent campaign efforts, specifically door-knocking, many seniors have expressed to us that they find themselves in a difficult position. The reduced number of polling stations and the addition of online voting are acting as a barrier to them in this election. Add to this a growing number of COVID cases, many will have to pass on voting.

In a recent presentation at Canadore College (the Village), a project known as "The Photovoice Project:  Aging Unfiltered." identified transportation as the number one barrier for seniors followed by technology.  With changes introduced by the City of North Bay relating to the election process, solutions must be developed in order to help ensure every vote is captured. 

A canvass of most of the candidates during a recent all-candidate event, held at the Elks Club, determined that a request be made to help seniors have their voices heard. 

The two suggestions were:

  • Request the City provide transportation from the Senior’s building (including buses that can transport those with physical disabilities)
  • Request that the city provide mobile voting stations where seniors can access, on-site, the technology to vote.  Some instruction could be provided to help those that are not tech-savvy.

As candidates participating in the 2022 Municipal elections, we are formally requesting that this issue be acknowledged and supported by the Elections Office for the City of North Bay.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this important request.


2022 Municipal Candidates

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Jamie LOWERY 705-471-9279

Peter CHIRICO  705-303-7719

Leslie McVEETY [email protected]

Ralph CELENTANO 705-474-7830

Lance DARNELL 705-303-7397

Sheldon FORGETTE [email protected]

Pete GREGORY  705-845-1277

Maggie HORSFIELD 705-825-0402

Sara INCH [email protected]

Scott KILE 249-358-2844

Justine MALLAH 705-471-8097

MAYNE, Chris 705-474-1532

Mark KING [email protected]

Lana MITCHELL [email protected]

Terry PAROLIN [email protected]

David POLIQUIN  [email protected]

Deric REICHSTEIN 705-492-4364

Derek SHOGREN  705-471-3255

Darryl SKINNER 705-358-5286

Michael TAYLOR [email protected]

Randall TILANDER [email protected]

Ed VALENTI [email protected]