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Letter: Continual lockdowns causing inmate suicides

At Montieth jail, they spit in his food and threw his food on the floor
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To the editor:

Hi, I am writing to you in regard to the North Bay jail inmate's death in September.

See: 'Sudden death' investigated at North Bay Jail

It was said by guards that the inmate's death had been a suicide due to continuous lockdowns in cells with no mental health help.

Actually, there was a second suicide a few days later because the first death caused more lockdowns. As of today, this year they had 211 lockdown days. Most reports are due to short staff.

They are locked down a majority of the time and on the days they do get out it's only for a few hours. They shower once every three days if that.

Meanwhile, it's causing the inmates mental anguish. Ontario provincial jails for men are horrendous and federal is just as bad if not worse. Females get love and healing and the men get abuse, abuse, and more abuse. Then society wonders why these men come out dangerous.

Well, they come to be dangerous because they need to be dangerous to survive.

I was in Montieth jail in segregation.

My boyfriend was brutally jumped by six guards and I was helpless listening to my man's screams.

His six-year sentence turned into 12 years for fighting guards because of their mental and physical abuse.

These officers need more training on human kindness. They talked shit to me about my partner and they don't know anything other than the paperwork

These officers should be held to a higher standard.

At Montieth jail, they spit in his food and threw his food on the floor. I was in a cell for four days where my toilet didn't flush and I had no running water.

Disgusting. I email everyone, but no one helps. I don't know where to go.

Kayla Wiggers,