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Otter Pointe resort, a four-season 'glamping' haven

'When we stood on this land and witnessed its natural beauty, the decision to buy it became almost instantaneous'

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If one of your New Year's resolutions for 2024 involves getting closer to nature, look no further than Otter Pointe Resort for an experience like no other. This luxurious getaway promises to bring you closer to the heart of nature in unparalleled comfort and is just a stone's throw away from North Bay. 

Co-owners Abigail and Ian Bingham have created a place where nature intertwines seamlessly with modern comfort.  

"We aimed for luxury in the wilderness. The geodesic domes and the cabin we run here embody that blend – offering a connection to nature without sacrificing modern amenities," says Abigail. “The cabin is very charming. It's right on the water, I mean, five feet away and it's gorgeous. The domes are four-season domes and are primarily heated by wood stoves. We do have electric baseboard heating, but because it's essentially a giant tent, it's not very effective in the winter, so we provide unlimited firewood. When you wake up in the morning it may be a bit chilly until you get the fire going again, I always recommend that people bring warm fuzzy socks or slippers because a lot of the heat is lost in the flooring. Although, we are hoping to move to radiant floor heating soon.” 

Abigail, a former high school teacher from Grimsby, Ont., and Ian, a wilderness ranger from Hamilton, took an audacious leap into a whole new realm when they stumbled upon Otter Pointe Resort, which was formerly the Pigeons Nest trailer park, on a 15-acre property, 7.5 of which is situated on pristine forest, while the other 7.5 is waterfront. It captured their hearts and imagination. 

"We wanted a change from the city's stressful pace and cramped living. It felt serendipitous when we found this place, even though Google Maps initially misdirected us. But when we stood on this land and witnessed its natural beauty, the decision to buy it became almost instantaneous," she reminisces. 

Their journey, however, wasn't solely about creating a luxurious escapade; it was rooted in a deeper purpose. "We wanted to cater to people like our parents – active, nature-loving individuals seeking comfort. But more importantly, we aimed to open doors for those who might not resonate with traditional camping experiences," Bingham explains. 

The resort was not the Binghams' initial entrepreneurial endeavour. Their original plan was to acquire ample space for an animal sanctuary. Abigail's passion for rescuing animals stemmed from her upbringing and experiences working at the SPCA in St. Catharines. "We contemplated a petting zoo or a cat café, intending to provide a haven for animals and people alike," she shares, highlighting their long-term vision beyond the glamping realm. 

Establishing Otter Pointe Resort was an arduous yet rewarding process. "From buying the property in January 2022 to moving in that September, it's been a whirlwind," Bingham reveals. Balancing Ian’s commitments to practicing law full time while Abigail manages the resort, the Binghams are resolute in nurturing their dream into a flourishing venture with plans to expand on the property.  

“Growing up in the '90s, the attention to catering to people who had allergies wasn’t as pervasive as it is today and so, I really felt for kids who had similar experiences to me who couldn't enjoy a cupcake because they couldn’t find one that's safe. I love to bake and I'm planning to open up a nut-free bakery on the property in the next two years. We planned that when we were looking at all the structures that were here and looking at the future of what this place could be. We installed the right plumbing and put in the infrastructure to house the electricity and the water for a bakery when we did our initial renovation,” says Bingham.  

Their penchant for community involvement extends beyond business operations as the couple's openness to sharing insights and learning with budding entrepreneurs reflects their altruistic approach. 

“I recently got a message from somebody in Quebec who said she has a dome and was wondering how I made ours four seasons. She was explaining to me her difficulty in trying to keep the dome above freezing. I shared some of the tips that I've used and what I found to be helpful. I think it's good to reach out to people because one day you may need that assistance yourself. I’m always willing to have people come and take a tour of Otter Pointe and talk about what we've done and answer their questions if I can,” she says.  

As the Binghams strive to carve a niche in the hospitality industry, they welcome guests to immerse themselves in the tranquility of Otter Pointe Resort. "The joy of waking up surrounded by nature, the water, with the otters photobombing your selfies – it's a surreal experience. We invite everyone to embrace the serenity and indulge in a perfect blend of luxury and nature," Bingham says. 

Otter Pointe Resort is offering a deal to book a stay for dates between now and March 31, 2024, and take 25% off of your stay with code "winterglamping" at checkout. 

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