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RUTLEDGE, Keith Barry


In Loving Memory of Keith Barry Rutledge who passed away Friday, September 27th, 2019. Born August 10th, 1932. Forever Remembered.

Keith was predeceased by his son Barry Gordon Rutledge, sister Viola, brother Gordon, sister Naomi, bother Ken and parents Valerian and Jessie. Husband to Mae (nee Howe), father of Barry, Brian, Bradley, Brenda, Brent and Beverly. Grandfather to Darren, Keegan and Hannah.

Keith’s body began to fail yet he kept his mental sharpness, quick-witted humour, fierce determination, and generous spirit remained. Original, talented, charming, inquisitive, artistic, polite, and successful at almost anything.

Keith enjoyed nothing better than an interesting conversation with a good friend. Keith had the ability to have a conversation with anyone.

Keith had a passion for sports and spoke highly of his years playing basketball with the Garland Pepsi Basketball team. He loved watching his sports teams which included basketball, hockey, football and baseball. He enjoyed fishing, hunting, building, landscaping, gardening, and the many continual projects of interest.

Keith helped many people throughout his years. A member of the Masons and the President for the first year of the Rockcliff Shooting Club. Keith was a hard worker, full of knowledge and easily approachable. Sadly missed by all who knew him.

On a personal note...the years I spent at McQuaby Lake with my family, horses, dogs, cats, geese, ducks, chickens, boats, and canoes were some of the best times of my life. My Dad would often remind me “Keep the Faith” and “Count to 10 or 100 if you need to”. Thank you for being there for me over and over again. God Bless you and Rest in Peace.

I miss you so very much, your little princess always.