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Hart & Caron Property Management

Hart&Caron is a premiere service property management based in North Bay. We serve the North Bay and its surrounding. Here to help seniors, Snowbirds, cottagers, landlords or anyone looking for a full-service provider who needs their property to be rental-ready or simply enjoy the comfort of knowing maintenance and upkeep are taken care of.

Alexandre Caron move in April 2020 in a shared house managed by a property manager, who wasn't managing the tenant properly, and maintenance of the house wasn't at its best. In addition, the owner was not aware of anything. So Alex offered to take over the management (July 2020), clean the house, bought new couches, repair the bedroom, reorganize the backyard, remove all the garbage, and discover his interest in real estate, property management, and be an entrepreneur. He will soon look into the incorporate (February 2021) and open a full-service provider, Property Management and redesign the property management industry.


Package For (Landlord) 1 Year Contract


  • Property Maintenance
  • Tenants management
  • On-Call
  • Lawn care and Snow removal
  • Spring cleaning and garbage removal
  • Repairs (up to 300$)
  • Cleaning team
  • Legal Team Services ( Eviction and Legal representation)

Package For (General Population-Seniors-Cottager-Snowbird)


  • Lawn care and Snow removal
  • Spring cleaning and garbage removal
  • Cleaning service
  • On-call ( if you need help moving heavy items or need a contractor )



  • Vacuum
  • Steam cleaners
  • Pet-Friendly product
  • Dusting all the surfaces
  • Clean all kinds of surfaces for maximum of sanitary
  • And more...

Package For Snow Removal And Lawn Care Only


*Included in All Management Contract

  • Weekly/Bi weekly Cutting and trimming the grass and trees
  • Removing the snow and ice from entrance and driveway

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