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Maamwi Bmosedaa - Walking in Unity 

A start-up non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing all youth with safe places to heal and build solid foundations for their future.

Our History 


Our company started during the covid pandemic with just a few volunteering their time. We all agreed that there is a great need for support in our community and united and became a solid team working in various capacities.

Our vision is to create workshops in order to promote healthy living and engage youth towards a path that caters to their strengths and sets them up for success. The overall goal is a youth home that will include counseling, mentorship, workshops and activities.

Our Milestones 

July 23rd, 2020 - Became Officially Incorporated

September 2020 - Recieved first grant from Nomz

December 2020 - Started first Winter Gear Kits

January 2021 - 200 care packages delivered locally

April 2021 - 10 Partnerships reached

February 2021 - First workshop w. Scott Wabano

August 2021 - First Overdose Awareness Walk

September 2021 - 50k in funding reached

December 2021 - Grand Opening of Endaayaan Awejaa office

JULY 2020 - JANUARY 2022

  • 200 Youth Served Since July 2020
  • 90K Total Amount of Funds
  • 600 Total Number of Followers

Our Services 
Our services include workshops that promote healthy living and engage youth towards a path that caters to their strengths and sets them up for success. We also provide ongoing support groups for our local youth to participate in to build support networks and ongoing community supports.

  • Monthly Arts Workshops
  • Cultural Teachings
  • Youth Drop-in
  • Youth Wellness Council
  • Care Packages
  • Medicine Bundles
  • Wellness Check-ins
  • Recovery Support
  • Parental Support
  • Peer Support

Our Supporters 

  • Nipissing First Nation and Council
  • Ian Campeau - Full Rip
  • North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre
  • North Bay Indigenous hub
  • Impacthu
  • YES Employment
  • OUTloud north bay
  • Brian Young - Young Forestries
  • Natalie & Doug Chevrier - Eagles Nest
  • Carla Lewis - Carlas Kitchen
  • Oak East Eatery & Ever Cool Ice Cream
  • North Bay Health Unit
  • NFN Community Withdrawal Managment Program
  • Boots On The Ground
  • NDP - Erika Lougheed
  • North Bay City Councilor - Scott Robertson
  • Wematter
  • Laidlaw Foundation
  • Canadian Roots Exchange
  • TC energy
  • Ktigaaning Midwives
  • Larry Mcleod
  • Perry Mcleod
  • Nomz
  • Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism

Our People