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Community Counselling Centre Of Nipissing

Helping people of all ages find recovery from addictions and trauma.

Many people feel stuck and helpless when they are trying to cope.  People often try the same things over and over and find that they don’t work.  What most people don’t realize is that the fear of failure and the sense of hopelessness that many people feel can become the obstacle that prevents them from healing.  

The Community Counselling Centre has a seasoned team of psychotherapists and mental health professionals who help people find recovery.  

Our services are primarily geared for: 

  • Women who have experienced violence or sexual assault
  • People who have used violence and are looking to change
  • People who are experiencing harm because of their use of substances
  • People with developmental disabilities who need help 
  • Anyone who has a problem with gambling
  • Men who have experienced sexual violence

We offer a call-in clinic every Tuesday and Thursday that is available for anyone with anxiety or depression, relationship problems or other mental health challenges.  

The Community Counselling Centre is part of a local network of community services. If our programs are not suited for your needs, we can help you find the local service that is.  

The Centre has an Employee Assistance Program that helps local employers deal with employee mental health issues that affect the workplace. If your workplace is experiencing mental health or addictions related crises, we might be able to help.  

Have you ever felt that you went through a day, a week or a year and did not feel really heard or understood? Have you ever felt that your problems are different than everyone else and that no one really understands? Do you have a sense that your life is becoming more complicated and that your challenges just keep getting bigger?  

We have experts in relationship repair, addictions assessment and treatment and overcoming trauma. We can help you improve your health and wellness.  

Our People