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About Us 

A major part of the work that we do is evangelism. Besides the teaching videos that we make through our Facebook Page, New Life Madagascar we also preach the gospel and plant churches. About 2-4 times a week, we go to rural areas to do this.

When we go into a village, our primary goal is to share the gospel and lead people to Christ, and then from there, begin teaching them the bible so that they can grow into mature believers.

Raising Orphans 
Part of our calling in Madagascar is to take care of orphaned and abandoned children. We are currently providing a home for 8 orphaned and abandoned children. Our model is to find Christian parents that truly want to raise the children as their own and who will raise them in a home where they will know the love of God and hopefully, one day, have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Training Pastors 
Training leaders and pastors is integral to church planting. As we preach and teach the bible, we look to find people who are strong in their faith and who are called to be leaders/pastors than can lead a church or bible study group. This group of leaders receive special training so that they can fulfill this calling. At the moment we have weekly training for the pastors.

The Milk Program 
Some babies are extremely malnourished and are not receiving the nutrients they need to grow properly. We have a milk program for malnourished babies where we give them formula weekly or bi-weekly according to their needs. We then monitor their health to ensure that they are growing well. We have seen many babies lives changed through this program.

We have not been able to carry out this program since being in Canada but we hope to one day start it up again.

Sending Kids to School 
Many children in our city are not able to go to school because their family cannot afford the school fees. We know that education is so vital for every child especially if we want to help break the cycle of poverty. Because of this, we pay school fees for children in need. 

Our People