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Step 6 To PLAY NICE Is I – Include Everyone

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic these days. Step 6 in the Road Map through Workplace Conflict to Collaboration is to Include Everyone.

Step 5 gave you some great ‘Nurture relationships’ tips for when the going get’s tough’…

Step #6 in the Roadmap Through Workplace Conflict to Collaboration is to Include Everyone. 

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic these days. This part of the roadmap through conflict will encourage collaboration and the appreciation of the diversity of all team players, as well as share some of my process for helping those in conflict to come together to speak and listen to each other.  

Inclusion is the new sexy.  Can the workplace be sexy?  Sure…in the interest of ‘stylish’, it can be ‘sexy’.  Learn how and why in this video:


Workplaces that include the diversity of race, generations, cultures, personality styles, genders, morals and values are those that will attract and retain employees. 

Including everyone involved to collaborate in the workplace provides epic results because when you gather people together to brainstorm or give input on ideas, people value feeling ‘in on things’.   

Inclusion during conflict resolution leads people to do the opposite of turning their backs and avoiding conversation with each other.  Here’s my secret sauce.  When I do teamwork for improving morale, solving problems or turning a toxic culture around, I use a circle format to get all people involved, no one is left out, I lead them through authentic conversations, then they co-create a plan to work better together. 

Include Everyone…

When teammates are in conflict with each other, they may not have the skills to resolve it on their own, their manager could guide them through a respectful conversation.  Each of them should have a fair opportunity to speak and listen to each other.  Be vigilant on the active listening part.  If someone starts talking when they should be listening, remind them to let the other person finish what they have to say first, and then guide them to share what was understood to complete the first person’s turn before they take theirs. 

Once people are feeling understood because they’ve been heard, you can move toward making new commitments.  Consensus means that a general agreement has been reached.  Even if you don’t agree with the group, you go along with the consensus. 

If you’re not an expert in conflict resolution, don’t worry about it.  Most people aren’t even taught how to disagree professionally, let alone resolve and embrace conflict. Download the complete roadmap and get all of the 8 tips, and think about bringing the Sandbox Training program to your entire organization. I invite you to book a complimentary discovery call.

Relationships are important.  There are times when entanglements require intervention.  If you can’t find your way, call Penny Tremblay, because the high cost of conflict is avoidable, and profits can be used for better things. 

Feel free to share with anyone you know who would benefit from the Roadmap and the steps it takes to get from conflict to cooperation and collaboration!

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