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Engaging Remote Employees

Engaged employees are greatly interested, committed, and involved in the success of their organization.

Reconnect, Rebuild, & Redefine your Remote Employee Relationships 

Engaged employees are greatly interested, committed, and involved in the success of their organization. 

Our workplace sandbox is now a global space that spans across states, countries, and time zones. As we listen to managers of remote teams across the globe, one consistent challenge is finding effective ways to engage team members remotely. 

In remote working arrangements, distance erodes trust. In times of great change or uncertainty, conflict escalates from the fear, doubt, and stress of disconnection, isolation and a lack of feeling ‘in on things’. 

When managers learn how to: 

  • reconnect to their workforce with tips, tools and authentic conversation
  • rebuild employee engagement from the shifted grains of sand
  • redefine the balance between empathy and performance, a new foundation is set for a solid castle that can withstand the test of time. 



Join mePenny Tremblay for this 2-hour virtual workshop where I’ll share decades of experience, tangible tools and activities to assist managers in their reconnection with team members.  

Although we’re not passing each other in the hallways, gathering around boardroom or lunchroom tables or having quick check-ins at the water cooler because we’re physically distanced; the need for social connection, communication and collaboration is stronger than ever!  

Even the most talented leaders can’t lead without the commitment of those who follow. By reconnecting, rebuilding and redefining relationships as well as defining the terms of success and support, remote team members will feel valued, understood, and empowered to follow their leader’s lead. 

Turn eroded trust, fear, and doubt to confidence, cohesion and collaboration with the tips and techniques taught to lead remote teams toward high performance, productivity, and profit.  

Don’t wait another day.  Book this valuable virtual workshop for your management team and reap the benefits of a connected, inspired team, all digging toward the goals of your global sandbox. 

Organizations save millions of dollars by helping their teams manage relationships and resolve conflict from the inside out. Harvard training and years of experience bring fresh concepts and stories to inspire productivity and peace in the NEW workplace sandbox. Let me help you engage your team today!

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