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Your 2023 Sunshine Boy, Steven Roman Soos

Steven Roman Soos pays tribute to friend and mentor Peter Kormos by putting a modern spin of the political firebrand's famous 1991 Sunshine Boy pose in the Toronto Sun. The Kormos sunshine boy pose was also extremely politically controversial (especially in Ontario NDP circles) because of it's signal to conservativism (Peter was a democratic socialist and a large supporter of the third-way).

Steven Roman Soos said that the photo represented Kormos' wit due to the fact that Kormos was sticking up to then NDP Premier, Bob Rae for betraying the NDP-values that Kormos honored and believed to his very core.

Soos added that he does not support Canada's NDP under Jagmeet Singh's leadership. Soos, widely known as one of Kormos' political successors called the supply and confidence agreement between Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh "unholy matrimony," and is calling on Canada's NDP to launch an immediate review of Jagmeet Singh's leadership before the next federal election takes place. Soos quipped that Canada's NDP can call him to run when Jagmeet Singh is no longer the leader.

Soos stated that he will always support country/people over a specific political party, and he believes Kormos would have agreed.

This day in history: August 24, 2023

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