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Bedroom Headboard/Dresser

Please stay safe and healthy Headboard Mirror with above 2 bulb bridge W-3’ 6” L- 3’ 6” (not shown, safely stored) 2 Independent Dresser drawer, can also be set in other areas of the room. L- of the

Bubbles By Beverley All Natural Bath Products and Soy Candles

My name is Beverley Tyndall and my small local Hawkestone business is called Bubbles By Beverley! You might have met me at the Orillia Farmers’ Market or purchased my bath bombs from Hewitt’s Market.

Computer Monitor 24 inch

Great in its time IPS 24 inch monitor. Good for laptop or PC (who knows Apple too ...). HDMI or VGA hook up. Cables not provided. Maybe VGA ... have to look what I got hanging around. Best offer 10
hitachi tv 1

Hitatchi TV for sale

Great TV for gamers - 28 in. Hitatchi exceptional color & sound, $40 Phone 972-2257 Moose Jaw.
lugger grouping

Lugger Convertible Backpack/Duffel bag $50

Lugger Convertible Backpack/Duffel bag $50 Lugger internal frame backpack ideal for travel and / hiking / trip camping. Backpack harness zips away for airline travel and can be carried like duffle