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Motorist caught test driving vehicle at 113 in a posted 60 on Sudbury street

The driver was test-driving a vehicle, which belongs to a dealership
Police charged a 23-year-old driver from Sudbury for speeding and stunt driving, while test-driving a dealership vehicle.

The dealership couldn't be too happy about this one.

Sudbury OPP charged someone who was test-driving a vehicle with speeding and stunt driving today.

Shortly after noon, Traffic Incident Management and Enforcement officers conducted a traffic stop with a vehicle, travelling 113 kilometres an hour in a posted 60 km/h zone on Regent Street, in Sudbury.

The driver was test-driving a vehicle, which belongs to a dealership.

As a result of the investigation, a 23-year-old unnamed person from Copper Cliff, was charged, 

The accused is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice on March 5 in Sudbury.

The driver was also issued a 30-day Driver's Licence Suspension and, unfortunately for the dealership, the vehicle was impounded for 14 days.