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Family of nuisance Mattawa black bears relocated by OPP and MNR

A family of Mattawa bears is adjusting to a new home, after getting too close to homes and schools in the area.

On September 21, North Bay and Mattawa OPP officers, along with workers were able to safely relocate a family of bears, from the Mattawa area, says a news release.

Over the past three weeks, officers responded to numerous animal complaints involving a mother bear and her three cubs, approaching residences in rural areas.

Officers had responded in the past and with the use of police sirens, were able to scare the family of bears away, however, within days they would return.

"The bears began roaming closer to the schools, and restaurants," says Constable Rob Lewis. "Students would remain inside the schools, while the bears were in the area."

With the help of three MNR Bear Wise Technicians, a nonlethal measure was used to sedate and capture the nuisance bears, which were then relocated over 100 kilometres away to a remote location.

Here is the Bear Wise website for some tools and tips to prevent attracting nuisance bears.