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Don't panic! Emergency Response Team training in Birchhaven

20220505 emergency response team north bay police truck dawson
North Bay Police Emergency Response Team.

If you live in the Birchaven area of the City, police are warning that the North Bay Police Service’s Emergency Response Team will be conducting training exercises tomorrow so expect an increased police presence.

Police will maintain an increased presence in the area between 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. 

The training will not result in the closing of any streets or the disruption of daily activities for residents of the area say police in a news release.

"The North Bay Police Service’s Emergency Response Team uses specialized skills, tactics, and equipment, to protect public safety and respond to unpredictable situations," it says.

The North Bay Police Service’s ERT currently consists of 12 officers who receive regular training to effectively respond to all manner of high-risk incidents.