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BEHIND THE SCENES: Students move forward to plan own prom

Joe McGinty recently sat with Scott Sexsmith to update the status of the students' plans

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board has opted to not host any proms at its five high schools for this year's graduating students, leaving parents and students feeling neglected and disappointed.

As a result, no Catholic high school student in the Waterloo region will have the opportunity to attend a school-organized prom. Consequently, students must rely on themselves to arrange, finance, and provide all the necessary resources without the assistance of the school.  

Joe McGinty recently sat with Scott Sexsmith to update the status of the students' plans.

Video Summary

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board's decision to not bring back the prom has caused controversy among parents and students. According to Joe McGinty of Cambridge Today, the school board made the decision to cancel a school organized prom for the year, despite the lifting of lockdowns, citing liability concerns. Students and parents who were hoping to celebrate a return to normalcy and the end of the school year are disappointed.

Some students have organized their own events in response to the cancellation of prom, feeling unsupported by the school board. The school board has not been very supportive of the students' cause, taking down posters promoting the prom as an unsanctioned event. However, the board has allowed an email blast to be sent out to students to gauge interest in the event.

The decision to host prom is an annual debate among the school board, although the reason for this annual debate is unclear. The dissolution of a school organized prom is especially disappointing for students who have had their high school careers disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the school board's decision, students are rallying together to make their own prom happen.