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BEHIND THE SCENES: Musician fulfills dying man's wish with guitar donation

BayToday reporter Chris Dawson takes us behind the scenes

Local musician Gary Davison has been volunteering his time at the Nipissing Serenity Hospice in North Bay, playing music for patients. While he has played for many patients, it was 66-year-old Michael Fielding who left a lasting impression on Davison. Fielding, who had been at the hospice for about two months, particularly enjoyed Davison's rendition of "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin.

As their connection grew, they began talking more about life and their shared love of music. As Fielding's health declined, he asked Davison to donate his guitar to children who would benefit from it. After Fielding's passing, Davison reached out to music teacher Brian Overholt to make the donation to St. Joseph-Scollard Hall's music program. Davison shared Fielding's story with the students, and they now have a guitar with Fielding's name on it to remember him by. Both Davison and Overholt agree that music can bring people together in a powerful way.  

Video Summary: 

BayToday reporter Chris Dawson shares a heartwarming story about a dying man's wish, friendship, and passing along inspiration to the next generation. Gary Davison, a lover of music and a salesman, became involved with the Nipissing Serentity Hospice through his passion for music. He played for Michael Fielding, a patient in his dying days, and their connection through music created a special relationship.

After Michael passed away, he wanted his guitar to be passed on to someone who would keep the music alive. Gary stepped in and donated Michael's guitar to young musicians through Brian Overholt, a guitar instructor at Saint Joseph's Scholar Hall School in North Bay. Gary's music touched Michael, and their musical connection made Michael's last few months on Earth very special.

The impact of Michael's legacy will live on through the students who play the guitar that started it all. Gary's donation and Michael's wish have inspired a new generation of musicians and created a lasting bond between Gary, Michael, and the young musicians who will carry on their love for music.