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A Random Act of Kindness surprise for a selfless senior

We show Tricia our thanks for always being quick to help others
Tricia Mills (left) and her friend Louise Chitaroni (right) after BayToday's Ryan Dawson delivered a Random Act of Kindness surprise

Tricia is a senior citizen in our community who is always taking care of others.

From the age of 18, she has been an avid volunteer, often caring for those who are in vulnerable situations and need extra support, primarily children and elderly folks.

Throughout her career, Tricia made it her passion to be a voice for those in need, having spent time as a teacher, a social worker, a clinician for the Office of the Children's Lawyer and a mediator over the years.

Now, Tricia regularly makes batches of home-cooked meals for her elderly friends, supplying them with frozen dinners to help them stay independent and cared for at home.

Tricia also often sends donations to the food bank when they are in need and gives out gift cards to people using the food bank anonymously. She even prepared ‘cups of love’ for the food bank to give out. These included a mug, hot chocolate, treats, cookies and other goodies tucked into the cup. 

“If she hears of a need and she can possibly help, she does,” her anonymous nominator says. “I can’t even count how many people she has provided home-cooked meals to.”

Tricia’s caring nature extends to the animals in our community as well. She goes out on the Kate Pace Way often in the winter, even when it is really cold out, to feed the birds and wildlife. In the summer, she pushes a walker filled with bird seed and in the winter she drags a sleigh.

“During the Great Depression, my grandfather would bring in hungry people and feed them,” said Tricia. “We’ve always believed that whatever we have, we share. That is where my kindness comes from.”

To show our gratitude for Tricia’s quiet compassion, we surprised her with a Random Act of Kindness that included a donation in her name to All Heart Pet Rescue, flowers and a gift card to Photo Metro.

Thank you to our generous co-sponsors, Jackman’s Flowers and Photo Metro for helping us make this Random Act of Kindness possible.

Our nomination form is always open to nominate someone in the community who selflessly gives of themselves despite challenges or hardships, is positive in the face of adversity, or is just plain extraordinary and deserves a special surprise.

If you would like to support our Random Acts of Kindness program, please email [email protected].