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VIDEO: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issues 'special thank-you' to nation's children helping fight COVID-19

Children have seen their worlds change drastically this past week and they deserve thanks, says PM

Speaking from the steps of Rideau Cottage this morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau turned his attention to the children of this country who have had to make major adjustments to do their part in the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Concerted efforts to get the country to conform to social distancing and to self-isolate have made this March Break a particularly tough one for kids.

Playdates are off limits. Sleepovers have been cancelled. Playgrounds are closed. 

And, the Prime Minister said he knows that kids have been forced to wash their hands "a lot."

Trudeau said his own three children, who are self-isolating with their father at Rideau Cottage while their mother, Sophie Grégoire, is in quarantine diagnosed with COVID-19, are watching "a lot lot more movies," but also miss their friends and are worried.

"I know this is a big change, but we have to do this not just for ourselves, but for our grandparents, our nurses, our doctors and everyone working at our hospitals. And you kids are helping a lot," Trudeau said.

Trudeau also expressed deep grattitude to all of those who continue to work to keep the country operating at this time.

"They have been working every day, so we can work from home and practice social distancing," said Trudeau.