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Sudbury pot shop hands out thousands of free rolls of toilet paper

Owner has about 12,000 rolls of toilet paper to give away
High Life manager Felicia Fahey and co-creator Eugene Konarev show off a few rolls of toilet paper they are handing out, free of charge, at their Silver Hills location in Greater Sudbury. No purchase is necessary. (Arron Pickard/

Never in his career, did the co-creator of High Life in Sudbury think he'd be standing outside his store giving away rolls of toilet paper to anyone who needed it.

But that's exactly what Eugene Konarev is doing today, and he'll continue to do it until he hands out every last roll of toilet paper. It may take some time, though, as he has about 12,000 rolls.

Konarev said he purchased a truck load of toilet paper as a gesture of kindness to the community that supports his business. There's no purchase necessary. You don't even have to go inside the store at all.

“This is a community event, and it has nothing to do with money,” Konarev said. 

The idea surfaced last week after Konarev spoke to clients about the lack toilet paper situation happening across the city. He said he talked to one of his suppliers, and agreed to purchase an entire truck of toilet paper to give away.

High Life has implemented measures to safeguard staff and clients inside the store, Konarev said.

“The staff is very supportive, and they feel this is a war we're going to win (against coronavirus),” Konarev said. 

Pot dispensaries are listed by the province as an essential service.

“I think there are a lot of people who can't really be without it,” he said. “I believe the government recognizes there are many people who require it on a daily basis, beyond the recreational component of marijuana.”