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Which mayoralty candidates support new Recreational Centre at Omischl?

The two frontrunners are split
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Sport North Bay asked all three mayoralty candidates in the upcoming municipal elections if they support the current plans for the new Recreational Centre at Omischl?

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Below are the responses.

Johanne Brousseau

As Chair of Community Services, I have, and continue to, support this project. The 25.77 mm Fed Funding is a win/win for the community and the environment. It is important to note, construction is expected to take 18 months, and the funding has an expiry date. The final decision will be made by the new council – the awarding of the contract to be voted in January 2023

Peter Chirico

The original estimates were never within our means and escalating interest rates are only driving up the cost making such a scheme even further from our reach. No one campaigned for this in the last election and yet it became a primary focus during this past term when other, more important projects/issues were rejected, opposed, or overlooked. I believe there are better options that we can pursue that will serve our community for the next 50 years. So, I do not support this project in its current form.

Leslie McVeety

No response was received!