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Forgette running on experience, pledges transparency

Wants Valin to address council with no strings attached
20220909 Sheldon Forgette City Hall
Sheldon ForgetteĀ is running for a seat on North Bay City Council.

Former councillor and deputy mayor Sheldon Forgette says he'll run on his record of low tax increases and transparency. 

Forgette was just 22 in 2014 when he finished first in the council race in his initial crack at politics and became deputy mayor and budget chief. He's 31 now and says he's learned a lot since then.

"I felt like the responsibility of the world sitting on my shoulders, I took this responsibility seriously and gave it my all while running a business and starting my family," he says in a news release.

"During my watch as budget chief we saw the lowest tax increases in recent North Bay history which were in line with inflation. We saw budget surpluses every year. We saw efficiencies take place as our council and staff synergized as a team, and we saw a record amount of budget and finance meetings take place."

"I was a mover of transparency at city hall by working with council to get our council meetings recorded and streamed on the internet."

He says he'll be a champion of transparency on this council if elected, and vows to move a motion to ask Integrity Commissioner George Valin to address council with no strings attached. "I will absolutely do that. It's very important."

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He also believes that to serve on council, candidates should actually live in North Bay.

"It's one of the issues that is important to me during this election. This has been a problem in the past where members of council, including some mayors, don’t even live in North Bay."

Neither Mayor Al McDonald, nor former mayor Vic Fedeli lived in the city.

Forgette currently lives on Peninsula Rd and is challenging every other candidate to be upfront about where they are presently living.

"I’ve lived in every neighborhood in North Bay. I know this city, its people, and you know me. I worked on a by-law for downtown restaurants and businesses to be able to use a portion of the sidewalks as an extension of their business to help create a by-ward market type of vibe in our downtown.

"I listened to our citizens and moved for the creation of a strategic plan for our city. I moved a motion to have a wheelchair and stroller accessibility mat researched and deployed at our waterfront."

Forgette also points out that in 2017, as Chair of General Government he vetoed against a motion that would have shipped the Dionne Quints home out of North Bay to Sunridge.

He unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2018.

"If there’s one thing 2018 taught me, it was to never give up. Going into this fall election my core focuses are housing, clean and safe streets, economic development, and source water protection.

"Now in 2022, I present to you a Sheldon Forgette with 16 years of Information Technology experience, 11 years of housing experience, a trust that I built with you as Deputy Mayor, and perseverance taught to me by my grandparents; making me ready to go to work for you."

See Forgette's candidate website here.