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Brousseau says she's ready for mayoral challenge

‘I do realize there is a risk involved but I think it is worth taking’
2022 08 31 Johanne Brousseau for mayor
Johanne Brousseau speaks to her supporters. Photo by Chris Dawson/BayToday.

A group of close to 40 supporters gathered yesterday evening to support a city councillor who is hoping to be named North Bay's Mayor in late October. 

"I felt I was ready for the next level and I wanted more of a challenge," said Brousseau to her group of supporters.   

"I am ready to grow into this position."

Brousseau is completing her first term as a city councillor, during which she served as the chair of the council's community services committee. In the 2018 municipal election, only Deputy Mayor Tanya Vrebosch's 7,297 votes exceeded Brousseau's total of 7,025.

Councillor George Maroosis was one of three speakers who endorsed Brousseau at the Wednesday evening media conference. 

"I have all the confidence in the world that she will do a great job dealing with the citizens of North Bay," the longtime councillor told the crowd. 

Dave Saad was another member of Brousseau's campaign team. The former North Bay parks and recreation director took some shots across the bow at another mayoral candidate Peter Chirico. 

"She may not be well known but Johanne doesn’t need to be one for fanfare, she just wants to do a job as our next mayor," noted Saad. 

"She is not part of the 'Old Boys Club' and I find that refreshing." 

Brousseau says she made the commitment to making the run at the city's top job at Christmas time. 

"It took me a few months to approach my sister and let her know what I was doing," said Brousseau, a former small business owner. 

"I do realize there is a risk involved but I think it is worth taking."  

Brousseau, who noted she is part of 18 committees, has been heavily involved in infrastructure projects in North Bay and has been outspoken on the need to bring the proposed community and recreation centre to fruition. She also played a large role in the realization of the multi-use recreation courts in the downtown-waterfront area.

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Brousseau explained her three pillars to success which are Community well-being, innovative infrastructure, and economic prosperity. 

"These three pillars came about as we conducted some focus groups from a variety of citizens in North Bay and there were their main topics, or their main issues," she explained. 

The municipal election takes place on October 24.  

I don't mind starting the race looking at my opponents but I am always strongest near the end. In elementary school, I used to do the quarter mile and in that last quarter, I would always come first. I've got that competitive spirit in me, same with swimming.  

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