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Bill Walton

Bill Walton

William Warren Walton CPA (Ret’d)
Born December 14, 1938 in Port Loring, Ontario
Bill has 6 publications; 26 self-published books; and 700 + articles (opinion / editorials) with online news service. Hobbies, besides writing, include photography, golfing, motorcycling, bird watching, fishing, gardening, Tai Chi, Dragon boating, and travel. Bill has recently appeared in stage productions with the Powassan Players.


Recent Work by Bill

<b>Opinion:</b> Bill Walton, Hunting and Gathering

Opinion: Bill Walton, Hunting and Gathering

Another view of the New Reality
<b>Opinion:</b> Bill Walton, Twenty-one seconds

Opinion: Bill Walton, Twenty-one seconds

Sometimes less is more
<b>Opinion:</b> Bill Walton, Fourteen Six

Opinion: Bill Walton, Fourteen Six

Could fourteen-six be part of the new normal? Police, fire, and ambulances are on standby or working 24/7 – so moving to 14 / 6 schedules should not be a logistical problem
Bill Walton, Easy All

Bill Walton, Easy All

Easy All: (Paddlers sit upright with paddles across the knees and both hands positioned properly on the paddle.)
Bill Walton, The Spanish Flu and the Kawigamog

Bill Walton, The Spanish Flu and the Kawigamog

The steamer Kawigamog was an essential service
<b>Opinion:</b> Bill Walton, Silver Linings

Opinion: Bill Walton, Silver Linings

There should be some positive takeaways from the Virus.
<b>Opinion:</b> Bill Walton, Hope Lights

Opinion: Bill Walton, Hope Lights

On our short street here in the Bay, several of us have relit our Christmas seasonal lights


For now we see through a glass, darkly . . .
<b>"Opinion: Bill Walton, Anarchy?</b>

"Opinion: Bill Walton, Anarchy?

Whatever happened to the Rule of Law? Your move, Justin.
Brother, it is Cold Outside

Brother, it is Cold Outside

You know it is cold outside when . . .