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The pandemic has made us question who we are

2022 will be your year of self-discovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world as we know it upside down. So many have lost businesses, they’ve lost jobs, they’ve lost loved ones, and they’ve lost a sense of security.

Business and life strategist Hoss Notarkesh says believe it or not, there is a lot to be thankful for in the broken dreams and chaos caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has shaken the foundation of many people’s beliefs and for that Hoss said, there is reason to celebrate. “COVID has left people with a lot of questions, and they’re realizing more and more that life is precious.”

The pandemic has changed people’s views on what they consider to be important. Hoss said people have come together to volunteer and support each other. The world has come together through this crisis. Even big pharma competitors Pfizer and BioNTech have collaborated to develop a vaccine for the common good. Hoss called this development, a higher level of consciousness. “If we don’t tap into that higher level of consciousness as humans, it means that we are not tapping into the treasures and gifts that are within us.” He believes it wouldn’t have happened if not for the pandemic.

“I think COVID has highlighted that there is more to life than accumulating materialistic goods or being defined by accomplishments or actuarial indicators.”

Living the life gifted to us

Hoss said, the sad thing is, “Most individuals live their lives, but never overcome their fears to live the lives they want to live.” He said, Resiliency Training is one of the strategies he uses to help people live their best life. It’s a 4-step process designed to create a new compass and shed beliefs that aren’t serving people well.

  1. Know who you are: The first thing you need to do is know who you are. Find out what your purpose is. A character strength analysis will help you find those answers.
  2. Be yourself in this world: Many people are prevented from  seeing their vision and mission in life come to fruition because they are not being authentic. Hoss said, “The smaller the gap between the first and second steps, the more you are at peace and the more you can tap into that higher consciousness and become one with who you are.”
  3. Organize your efforts for maximum results: Find a vehicle through which you can effectively advance your life in the marketplace. You need to be productive, industrious and give back to the community.
  4. Make the necessary changes: Make the necessary changes in your life to make it all happen. These are just theories until you put them to work.

A few weeks ago, Hoss was contacted by a former colleague who is a high-level executive. She has a master’s degree and has worked hard to climb the ladder of success. When she reached the top, she started to question her motivations. She was confused because her achievements didn’t have the same value anymore. “Being confused is good, because it means you’re about to make a decision. This confusion is a sign that something wasn’t right in the first place,” said Hoss.

The pandemic shook up his client’s fundamental beliefs. He was developing a strategy to put her back on a path to purpose. “We discover ourselves through difficulties and challenges, so we really try to come to terms and be at peace with who we are.”

Many of Hoss’s clients are high achievers who are driven to become the best versions of themselves. But since the massive upheaval created by the pandemic, they are searching for ways to be at peace with themselves.

Hoss said, to reach out to a life coach, you don’t need to be broken, you simply need a desire for change.

Hoss Notarkesh is a life strategist who doesn’t tell you what to do; he helps you discover what you should do.

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