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New project hopes to attract more people to work in the trade industry

Say Yes to the Trades
BAY Spotlight image_Yes employment March 2021

Yes Employment North Bay (Yes) is the area’s primary employment service provider. Yes helps thousands of people of all ages to find meaningful employment and get training or access to post-secondary education. 

It also serves businesses and organizations by helping them fill positions requiring all levels of skill, education and experience.

For anyone looking to start or change careers, Yes is also offering a new kind of project to promote the trades and employment opportunities within different trade industries. The project, called Say YES to the Trades, is aimed at students, job seekers and parents of students. Yes also hopes to reach groups that are under-represented in the trades. 

The project is funded by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development and was developed with an eye to destigmatize the trades while attracting more people to get involved in trade work.

Say YES to the Trades promotes and supports specific trades such as HVAC, Heavy Equipment Operator, Welding, Residential Electrician, Pipe fitter, Sheet Metal Worker and CNC Operator. 

Salaries in these trades range from $20 per hour to $36 per hour depending on the province.

There are many benefits of having a career in the skilled trades. These include working in a high-demand area with great earning potential, having access to cutting edge technology, earning while learning, moving toward a path for advancement and acquiring transferable skills.

Those interested in learning more are invited to join one of Yes’ Facebook Live events where their team will discuss specific trades and the various employment opportunities within these trades. See available dates by visiting the Experience the Trades website. Following the presentation, individuals will have the opportunity to experience the trades via Virtual Reality (VR). Participants will learn and experience what it is like to work in the trades in a hands-on VR environment.

Experience the trades - learn why you want to be part of the new generation of skilled trades professionals. For further details, contact YES Employment Services at 705-476-3234 or by email.