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New cost-saving solution for lost or damaged vehicle keys in North Bay

Northern Security delivers quality, savings and a customer focus
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If you have ever lost the key to your car or truck, you know that replacing it can be a real pain in the wallet.  The cost of replacing electronic key fobs can run into hundreds of dollars and if you’ve lost the only key with no backup copy, you could be looking at as much as $1000. Now, Northern Security is offering the North Bay community an affordable alternative to those high replacement prices.

The new location at 310 McIntyre Street West is now open to walk-in customers, Monday through Friday. For Northern Security President Mike Pagnutti, the downtown storefront is a chance for him and his staff to connect one-on-one with customers and provide more personalized service. “We cut and program car keys for almost every vehicle on the road,” says Pagnutti, who stresses that customers are welcome to stop in at any time. “You don’t need to drop your vehicle off. You don’t even need to make an appointment.” 

Northern Security carries a substantial in-stock inventory and the majority of keys can be cut, programmed and available within minutes. If a particular key is not in stock, they’ll place an order and have it ready within two or three days. “Customers don’t have to make an appointment and wait hours at dealerships anymore. We’re also between $75 to $150 cheaper and it usually doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.”

The shop provides both walk-in and remote cutting and programming services for most types of vehicle keys including: 

  • Regular (Non-Chipped): Typical keys used to open doors or start engines in older vehicles
  • Chipped/Transponder: Used to start engines of current vehicle models
  • Integrated: Push-button functions like lock, unlock, and remote start 
  • Attached Fobs/Remotes: Factory-supplied fobs/remotes with push-button functionalities including lock, unlock, and remote start
  • Laser Cut: Most new vehicles today are being laser cut to reduce theft.
  • Recreational:  Boat, ATV/UTV, Camping trailers, padlocks and more.

Customers are invited to visit the shop at 310 McIntyre Street West in downtown North Bay, and mobile service is also available by calling 705-476-2254 or 1-800-565-0887. 

In addition to key cutting and programming, Northern Security provides a full spectrum of home and business products and services including new and existing lock rekeying, high-security key cutting and lock rekeying, and master key system creation and monitoring as well as safe and door hardware sales and services.

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