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Local mural artist needed in North Bay

The owner of Northern Zen Cannabis in North Bay is looking for an artist to enhance his storefront

People travelling down the Trans-Canada Highway in North Bay will hopefully have a beautiful new mural to look at soon, thanks to Northern Zen Cannabis. The front of the building, which is located at 76 Osprey Miikan, will become the canvas for a local mural artist. The proposed artwork will be a stunning addition to the landscape.

Zachary Lacelle, owner and operator of Northern Zen Cannabis, has envisioned a mural on the property since it was first built in 2019. He is now looking for an artist to work with. “We are looking for someone to do a painting on the front white wall,” he says. “The side of the building facing the road is the perfect canvas for a large mural.”

The Perfect Canvas

Up until now, the business’ main sign was on the large exterior wall of the building. Zachary has always had plans to install a permanent sign by the road in order to free up space for the mural, but COVID slowed down the process. Now that the signs have been sorted out, he can finally focus on beautifying the exterior of the building.

“For security reasons, we didn’t put a window on that wall when we built it. That makes it an even better canvas for a mural,” Zachary says.

Indigenous-Inspired Art

Zachary hopes that the space, which runs the length of the building, will not only enhance his business but will become a beautiful addition to the community. Building murals are able to contribute to the community by telling a story, adding visual interest, increasing foot traffic and tourism, and by engaging residents.

He is hoping to see a mural that is inspired by his indigenous culture as well as nature, though the final result will be mostly in the artist’s hands. “I have been hoping to get some artwork that touches on the space of indigenous people and of growing plants, not just cannabis,” he explains. “I’m open to hearing what the artist has in mind for the space. It is more about the artist than anything else. I hope this project is able to highlight their talents and bring more light to their work.”

Anyone who is interested in painting the mural at Northern Zen Cannabis can contact Zachary at (705) 840-0101 or visit the shop at 76 Osprey Miikan in North Bay. They are open daily from 10am until 8pm.

For more information about what Northern Zen Cannabis has to offer, check them out online or visit them on Instagram or Facebook.