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Glencore Canada hiring for multiple smelting roles at Sudbury INO

Interested individuals can expect a rewarding career path, with competitive compensation and an optimal workplace environment
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Glencore Canada is seeking individuals passionate about innovation, technology, and contributing to a world-changing market. With eight industrial sites in Canada and over 7900+ employees and contractors, Glencore is a ground-breaking leader in the milling, mining and smelting industries. 

In particular to the Smelting assets at Sudbury (Integrated Nickel Operations) INO, Glencore is currently seeking individuals for the roles of Smelter Production Shift Supervisor and Smelter Control Room Supervisors.

With competitive salaries and other benefits, and safety as a core value, Glencore is an optimal workplace for those seeking a rewarding career in the industry.

Smelter Production Shift Supervisors and Smelter Control Room Supervisors

According to Glencore, Smelter Control Room Supervisors are “accountable for the supervision and operation of production equipment and processes so that budgetary targets are met or exceeded regarding safety and health, production, metallurgical and quality performance and environmental compliance.”

The role requires previous supervisor experience, preferably within an industrial setting, however, it does not need to be particular to smelting. Currently, Glencore’s Smelter supervisors have up to 15 employees on a rotating 12-hour shift schedule.  Glencore provides comprehensive training to all new employees.

Sean Thompson, currently the Manager of Operations at the Sudbury Smelter, started his Glencore career as a smelter labourer and moved up to become a supervisor and operational general foreman before taking on his current role in 2018.  His favourite part about Glencore is “the people I work with. We have a good group of people here that are very passionate and want to see the company succeed - and by doing so safely”.

What to Know About Glencore Canada

Glencore is one of the world’s largest natural resource companies.

It is diversified across multiple supplies and customers and is a global producer of commodities such as metals and minerals. Sudbury INO, in particular, focuses on nickel production, which is an essential ingredient in many day-to-day life necessities, such as communications equipment, infrastructure, and more.

Glencore is currently working into more green mining, such as custom feed recycling for batteries, with a strong push towards electric vehicles. 

“We have a strong future,” says Thompson. “We are currently sinking a new mine and are a strong custom feed smelter. In addition, our Sudbury Smelter is an international hub. We bring in concentrates from all over the world to put through our operations.”

To learn more about available career opportunities with Glencore, review the Career page.