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First legal First Nations cannabis retail store in Ontario is thriving

The success of Kana Leaf stems from staff who have a love for the industry and a passion for serving their community
Kana leaf
Kana Leaf was Ontario’s first cannabis store to receive Retail Store Authorization on a First Nation’s reserve

Kana Leaf, which was Ontario’s first cannabis store to receive Retail Store Authorization on a First Nation’s reserve, has now been open for 18 months and is still going strong. I recently visited Kana Leaf to see what the buzz is all about. 

Expert Staff the Key to Their Success

As soon as I walked through their door, I could tell that Kana Leaf’s success comes from their dedicated and knowledgeable staff who have a passion for helping people. 

Kana Leaf is family owned and operated and the owners’ commitment to their staff is apparent. They are all incredibly friendly and helpful. Each customer who walks through the door at Kana Leaf is welcomed with open arms. 

It is striking how knowledgeable the staff is about everything on the menu at Kana Leaf. Each month, a different Legal Producer (companies that produce the products sold at cannabis stores) gives the staff specialized training on their products. The staff learn all about how the flowers are cultivated, what is special about each strain and what customers can expect from each product. 

Because of this specialized training, the staff at Kana Leaf are incredibly well-equipped to help all types of customers, whether they are new to cannabis, seasoned connoisseurs, or are curious about the benefits of CBD. Though they are not a medical dispensary, the staff can help by offering resources to customers who are interested in finding out more about the possible benefits of the products. 

Breaking Down Stigma and Overcoming Challenges

Even though cannabis was legalized in 2018, there is a stigma associated with the popular recreational product. The owners of Kana Leaf do not want this old-fashioned stigma to keep people who could benefit from using cannabis from coming to see them. They have had to work hard to overcome this social stigma, which they have done through educating and communicating with their community and clientele. 

Kana Leaf is a family-owned business that is located on Nipissing First Nation. For more information, contact Kana Leaf’s helpful staff at (705) 474-2021 or visit them in-person at 2 Osprey Miikan Road in North Bay, just off of Highway 17. Online ordering for delivery and curbside pickup is available on their website. Learn more about what Kana Leaf has to offer by following them on Facebook or Instagram.