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Escape to peace and serenity, and get paid to do it

Caughnawana Fishing and Hunting Club is looking for a Club Manager

Those who love the outdoors often travel far and wide to escape the everyday. What if you could embrace the outdoors from spring to fall, get away from it all, live for free, and get paid to do it?

That’s precisely what Caughnawana Fishing and Hunting Club offers the ideal candidate for their club manager position. Founded in 1899 and just on the other side of the Ottawa River, this beloved fishery is one of the longest-standing private hunting and fishing clubs in Quebec.

With the current management team retiring at the end of this year, they’re looking for a new club manager for the 2023 season and beyond.

This six-month position provides full room and board.

“I like to think of it as a superintendent position,” said Jason Smith, board member of the Caughnawana Fishing and Hunting Club.

“For someone who’s newly retired, maybe in their late 50s, love to winter down south, then this is perfect. They can come from April 15th to October 15th, enjoy the most serene, beautiful lakes, make some money, be part of something. If they love to fish, it’s ideal.”

The club is two hours from cell service or electricity, so it’s a true outdoors person’s paradise. With ample trout, pike and pickerel fishing, it’s a haven for anyone who loves nature. The buildings run on solar electricity, and there’s high-speed internet for those who need the occasional uplink back into the world.

The board of directors is looking for someone who’s ideally experienced with hiring and managing staff, as they’ll be tasked with hiring a cook, serving and cleaning staff. Day-to-day maintenance of the rental cabins and camps is another important aspect of the club manager position.

“It’s that ‘Jack of all trades’ capability,” Smith said. “Someone who’s comfortable with light repairs to buildings and infrastructure. The ability to hire and manage staff. They’d also have to be comfortable with computers for light management activities.”

“Obviously, an interest in fishing and the outdoors is helpful, but not mandatory. It’s really more about keeping all the infrastructure going and running the dining room and hiring and managing staff.”

The club has 70 members with up to 200 additional guests throughout the season, which takes place from May through October. High season at Caughnawana Fishing and Hunting Club typically happens in May, when the trout fishing is at its best on Lake Caughnawana.

For many members, the club is an intergenerational sanctuary; where they escape to spend time with family and friends and build memories that last a lifetime. The members can attest the fishing is second to none, but the serenity is another selling factor.

“It’s such a spectacular fishery. These are super pristine and beautiful lakes,” Smith said. “The trout in it are incredible. And you’ve got nobody around; imagine lakes with no cottages on them, unspoiled shorelines. To have this still so close to Toronto, as a member and a guest, you’re transplanted into the middle of nowhere, and it’s really special to have that escape in this busy world.”

Ideally, they’re aiming to bring the new club manager aboard this fall for some on-site job training, and to see first-hand how to close the camps for the season. The position requires the club manager to provide their own truck, so they can transport trailers and pick up weekly provisions and supplies in nearby North Bay. All operating expenses are paid by the club.

For anyone who’s ever wanted to spend those spring and summer months off the grid, and for those with some practical know-how, perhaps this is your calling at Caughnawana Fishing and Hunting Club for years to come.

“It’s the serenity, the peace, the getting away from it all for a period of time, and yet, still being in close proximity to a major city and home,” Smith said. “The convenience is there. You can stay connected to the world, but you can also enjoy that peace and serenity. For the right person, that really connects with them, and this is the perfect job for them.”

To apply for the 2023 club manager position at Caughnawana Fishing and Hunting Club or to learn more, please submit your resume to