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Cannabis 101: Concentrates and extracts

The sales manager of Northern Zen Cannabis explains concentrates and extracts
Cannabis extract spotlight_Northern Zen

Recreational cannabis products have come a long way since legalization.

While the commonly known dried flowers are still widely available, some connoisseurs are branching out into the world of cannabis concentrates and extracts.

Larry Newton, Sales Manager for Northern Zen Cannabis in North Bay, was able to explain more about these types of cannabis products.

What are concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates, sometimes called extracts, are produced by extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the fresh or dried flowers. The resulting extract is then processed further to produce a number of liquid and solid products including oil, shatter, rosin, resin, crumble, and wax.

These concentrates generally contain up to 90 per cent THC compared to the dried flower that contains between 1% and 30% THC, depending on the individual product.

Concentrates are exactly that – concentrated. Consumers can expect to experience much stronger effects when compared with smoking dried cannabis flower. According to Larry, it is best to start low and slow. “Start off with a small amount,” he says. “Concentrates are way more powerful than flower. Most importantly, have fun!”

Types of concentrates and extracts

Northern Zen Cannabis carries a wide variety of concentrates including live resin, shatter, wax, rosin, sugar, diamonds, hash, badder, and oil. Each type of concentrate undergoes a different process to bring out its unique qualities.

“Live resin is the most popular concentrate at our store. I prefer live resin and rosin over diamonds due to the taste, but don’t pass up the diamonds because they are very effective and they look cool!” says Larry.


While there are a few different ways that cannabis concentrates can be used, Larry suggests starting off with a dab rig or a dab pen. Dabbing is a smoke-free method of using concentrates and it involves inhaling the vapour that comes off of the concentrate when it is heated to a specific temperature.

Larry and his helpful team at Northern Zen Cannabis are always happy to help their customers learn how to use the different products they carry. They are always ready with recommendations and information.

As for which concentrates to try, it comes down to personal preference. Larry suggests, “If you want something with good taste, live resin and hash rosin are good choices. Shatter and diamonds are very effective as well. Some diamonds come with a sauce, which is really tasty.”

To find out more about concentrates, extracts, and anything else cannabis-related, visit the super helpful and friendly staff at Northern Zen Cannabis. They love to visit with their customers, find out what everyone’s preferences are, and compare stories. Stop by Northern Zen at 76 Osprey Miikan in North Bay or visit them online.