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Beginners Guide to Edible Cannabis

Owner of Northern Zen Cannabis answers commonly asked questions about edibles

Since 2019, authorized recreational cannabis stores have been allowed to sell edible cannabis products. Since then, the market has exploded with many different choices for people who prefer not to smoke cannabis, but still want to enjoy the effects. 

Cannabis edibles covers a wide range of products. While many people think of the stereotypical “pot brownie,” there are so many more options available. Chocolates, gummies, drinks, chews, and capsules are all popular choices for people who want to enjoy cannabis without the smoke. 

Zachary Lacelle, owner and operator of Northern Zen Cannabis answered some commonly asked questions about cannabis edibles. 

Do you have any tips for people new to edibles? 

“I recommend that people start with a low amount of THC or CBD, anywhere from 2 to 5mg, and wait at least 24 hours for the product to fully kick in. After that, they can take more if they want. You don’t want to consume too much, especially the first time. I would not want someone new to have it hit them all at once. 

We provide reference sheets in our store, which you can also find online.” 

Is the feeling different between consuming edibles and smoking cannabis? 

“Inhaling cannabis vapour or smoke is a near instantaneous feeling. Edibles will take much longer for your body to break down the product, sometimes up to three hours.” 

Do cannabis edibles taste like cannabis? 

“Some do taste like the plant and some don’t. It is based on the licenced producer’s methods of production. Our staff is familiar with all of the products that we carry and we can give a pretty good description about the taste and effect of all of our edibles.” 

Tell me a little bit about the drinks. Why do your customers enjoy cannabis beverages? 

“People love the convenience of having a drink. There is no smoke and no smell. There isn’t the stigma that is attached to smoking. Having a cannabis drink replaces someone’s alcoholic beverage and it is far more accepted in social gatherings than smoking a joint.”

What else should people know about buying cannabis edibles? 

“The licenced producer can only legally package 10 mgs of THC in an edible at the moment. It is leading to producers creating more packaging and needing more trucks shipping larger boxes so the environmental footprint is bigger. I hope that the government reconsiders the amount allowed in each package of edibles.” 

For more information about cannabis edibles or other cannabis products, Zachary and his team at Northern Zen Cannabis are always happy to help. The store is located at 76 Osprey Miikan in North Bay. They are open Monday Through Sunday from 10am until 8pm. Shop online or visit them on Facebook or Instagram