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West Ferris Minor Hockey changes its look

“The board voted it in not just on the votes but we liked it too, it’s a very attractive logo and it made sense.”
Photo of the new adopted Trappers logo that will be used in 2016-17 by the West Ferris Minor Hockey Association.

The West Ferris Minor Hockey Association wanted a change. 

The West Ferris Trappers logo, which was a blend of the Trappers name which was adopted around 2010, and the old Blades logo, which looked like a WF formed in the shape of a blade.   

That mixture was okay but thanks to a new online association vote, they are making a change.  

“It was overdue, we are an evolving board, we want to think progressively, we wanted to give a fresh look to the association and its members and be able to look good at tournaments where we now have this fresh new look,” said Director Dan Girard.  

So the association put it to a vote, two different logos and the winning Trappers logo won by a 140 to 67 vote.    

“The board voted it in not just on the votes but we liked it too, it’s a very attractive logo and it made sense,” said Girard. 

“We wanted to have a bit of a heritage look to some degree that represented what a Trapper was or what it resembled back in the 60’s that sort of thing and at the same time wanted to have a progressive look.” 

The West Ferris Minor Hockey Association works separately from the North Bay Trappers AAA Association. 

The AAA association which runs programs from minor peewee AAA to midget AAA, is not part of this change as they will retain the classic red and white “NB” Trappers logo in their association.  

The new logo will also include the name "North Bay" instead of "West Ferris", an issue which has been a much debated throughout minor hockey circles in the city.   

Skaters Edge owner Paul McLean, helped create the winning logo.  

“I’m excited for the kids to finally have a logo that they can be proud to wear on their sweaters,” said McLean.  

“We as a store are also very proud to be able to hand over this new logo to West Ferris Minor Hockey as a thank you gift to all the players and parents who support our store.  It’s a great example of how supporting local business also helps to support local groups and associations.”

Girard says things will also be different as teams will be given more freedom with their jerseys.  The parents will pay for the jerseys as part of their fees and be able to keep them at the end of the season.  That will also allow more number flexibility as well. 

Girard says the Association will now put the attire up for tender to see who will make the new jerseys now that a new design and a new Trappers look has been approved.   


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