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Poll Results

Who was the North Bay area top newsmaker of 2022?

Hariett Madigan, Clean Green Beautiful 28 votes 2.66 %
Maggie Horsfield, captures deputy mayor's spot in rookie run 205 votes 19.45 %
Peter Chirico, wins election for mayor after stint as Chamber of Commerce president 106 votes 10.06 %
Jim Chirico, Medical officer of health 39 votes 3.70 %
MP Anthony Rota, Speaker of the House 61 votes 5.79 %
MPP Vic Fedeli, Chair of Cabinet. Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade  68 votes 6.45 %
Tanya Vrebosch, councillor, Liberal candidate in last provincial election 8 votes 0.76 %
Alexandra Stewart, businesswoman who took on the COVID regulations 51 votes 4.84 %
Dennis Chippa, Executive director of the Gathering Place 95 votes 9.01 %
Johanne Brousseau, former councillor, mayoralty candidate, new arena advocate 27 votes 2.56 %
Lori Burns and Cindie D’Agostino, Co-founders of The Vest Project for Ukraine 60 votes 5.69 %
Jess Larochelle, Afghanistan war hero deserving of the Victoria Cross 117 votes 11.10 %
Local Freedom Convoy demonstrators 78 votes 7.40 %
Mark King, DNSSAB Chair, councillor, Cassellholme director 18 votes 1.71 %
Erika Lougheed, Near North School Board Chair 34 votes 3.23 %
Jamie Lowery, councillor, former CEO of Cassellholme 14 votes 1.33 %
Scott McLeod, NFN chief 45 votes 4.27 %

Total votes: 1054

The poll is a sampling of public opinion intended solely to allow our readers to express themselves on issues of the day. Its findings may not be representative of the general population of North Bay or other areas.