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'Your son is in custody. Send $5,000' says fraudster

She later made contact with her son who said he was not in any trouble
fraud 2 2016

A woman is much poorer after falling for a much-publicized fraud scheme.

On July 31, OPP responded to a fraud call in Admaston/Bromley Township near Renfrew.

The woman had received a phone call from an unknown man who claimed to be a lawyer. He told the victim that her son had been involved in a motor vehicle collision and was being held in custody. The caller told the victim to immediately send money to get her son released. 

The woman was told to go to her bank and withdraw $5,000 and then deposit the money into another account to facilitate the release.  

She later made contact with her son who said he was not in any trouble. They called the OPP to report the scam.

Police say if you receive a call in this manner, contact your immediate family and inquire if anyone is in need of assistance.

"These types of calls play on a person's emotions and create a sense of urgency which then creates distress to the recipient," says Constable Tina Hunt. "Keep calm and do not forward any funds without speaking to family members first.

"Scammers can have personal information about you before they ever try to contact you. It is imperative to verify any unsolicited contact BEFORE you respond and provide information. "