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West Ferris sings and performs with 22 Wing band

On Tuesday night, an intimate gathering of West Ferris’ most passionate youth musicians along with their friends and family were treated to a special performance by the 22 Wing CFB Band.

On Tuesday night, an intimate gathering of West Ferris’ most passionate youth musicians along with their friends and family were treated to a special performance by the 22 Wing CFB Band. 

The ensemble, which included students from West Ferris, filled the West Ferris auditorium with a symphonic sound, taking listeners of all ages on an eclectic musical journey.

Following performances by the emergent West Ferris choir and both the intermediate and senior bands, the 22 Wing group was conducted by Sergeant Scott Barons. Over four dozen performers captivated the audience with national anthems, 80s throwbacks and classic melodies. 

Barons, who is not only the conductor and director of the band, is also an educator in the community. Although the band is one of the largest military bands in Ontario, musicians from a variety of careers perform within it. The band is composed of a variety of current and retired educators, including Allison Denomme, Mike Landoni and Graham Finlay who currently work in community schools. 

Finlay, the conductor for the West Ferris Choir and Senior Band, was ecstatic at the conclusion of the event. 

“Thank you to all of the students who have come out to play for us. It has been really special to work with such an awesome group of musicians.” 

Born and raised in Hamilton, Finlay learned how to play woodwinds in sixth grade. He was a member of his high school and university bands, playing flute, saxophone and clarinet. He now teaches music in the local public school system and privately at Long and McQuade. 

As a music teacher at West Ferris, Finlay has been instrumental in developing extracurricular music activities amongst the student body. The small but dedicated group of students involved in the arts has been working hard all year to perform in front of a discerning crowd. “I am happy that so many were able to come out each week to make music. I am impressed at how far we have come in just one year and I am excited to think of what we can do in the future,” Finlay mused.

The production would not have been possible without the collaboration of many. 

“Thank you to Trisha Bradford, Ella, Tim, the football team, the 22 Wing Band and Mr. Gagne for all of your support in making the night happen,” said Finlay. “Finally, thank you to everyone who came out tonight to watch the show and support these wonderful musicians. I look forward to seeing everyone back next year!”

Choir - Conducted by Graham Finlay

Caleigh Hopkinson

Eshel Hyatt

Hanna Higgins

Isaac Dubie

Justice Erny

Kaitlyn Rodgers

Laura Ripper

Owen Tennant

Trinity Hotchkiss

Trishka Dunlop

Zoe Ulch

Intermediate Band - Conducted by Matthew Whitehead

Andrew Whitehead, Bass

Inuka Silva, Flute

Mackenzie Hudd, Flute

Syrena Leblanc, Bass

Tucker Whitehead, Keyboard

Senior Band - Conducted by Graham Finlay

Dez Campbell, Trumpet

Grace Frank, Clarinet

Kaitlyn Rodgers, Clarinet

Laura Ripper, Tenor Saxophone

Matthew Suszter, Trumpet

Morgan Hudd, Clarinet

Owen Tennant, Alto Saxophone

Eshel Hyatt, Keyboard Soloist (Rising Fire)

To learn more about music at West Ferris, contact (Senior Band, Choir)

The 22 Wing Band is a unique organization at 22 Wing / Canadian Forces Base (CFB) North Bay. It was formed in 1990 primarily to support military ceremonial functions. The Band also supports many other events such as public concerts and charity benefits. The group consists of approximately 60 personnel who, with the exception of the Band Director, are volunteer musicians from all walks of life, both military and civilian. The band features a 16 Piece Stage Ensemble, Jazz Quartet and Brass Quartet.

If you are interested in joining the 22 Wing Band please contact

Band Director Sergeant Scott Barons, CD 705-494-2011ext. 2234



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