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Possible COVID-19 exposure at Manitoulin golf course

The customer was golfing when they received a call from a family member in their household who tested positive for COVID-19

SUDBURY - In a public advisory issued on Wednesday, Manitoulin Golf notified customers of a potential COVID-19 exposure on the course. 

Someone who attended the golf club on July 29 received a phone call from a family member who resides in the same household to inform them that the caller had just tested positive for the virus. 

The customer was golfing at the time they received the call, and they also dined on the outside patio at around 1 p.m. 

Manitoulin Golf promptly issued an advisory to customers over social media detailing the precautionary measures taken after they received news of the call. 

“All tables and contact surfaces are sterilized after each use, and there is physically (sic) distancing between tables on the patio. The only customers to sit at the same table after this golfing customer have been notified,” said the advisory. 

“As precautionary measures, the (two) staff members who were serving this afternoon will not return to work until they receive negative test results.” 

Manitoulin Golf also reminded customers that all carts are regularly sterilized after each use, and the golf carts used by this customer and guests have been completely sterilized and will be parked for a few days. 

Because two staff members were sent home, and one staff member was already away, Manitoulin Golf announced that the clubhouse was understaffed. The restaurant will remain closed “for the next couple days.” 

The golf course closed for the evening on Wednesday, but was opened for golfing customers during regular hours on Thursday. 

Manitoulin Golf’s answering machine also indicated that the Pro Shop was closed during the day Thursday. 

“There will be no green fees or carts available. You are more than welcome to walk the course as desired,” it said. 

The general manager of Manitoulin Golf, Scott McDougall, declined to comment at this time. 

- Colleen Romaniuk, Local Journalism Initiative, Sudbury Star

About the Author: Colleen Romaniuk, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Colleen Romaniuk is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, a Government of Canada program, at the Sudbury Star.
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