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A Pop-Up Project will offer short term mall leases

 A Pop Up is a temporary retail activation
2019 pop up project
A pop up allows for a lease for as little as one day. Submitted.

"The Pop-Up Project"! is offering short-term leasing opportunities that help businesses generate buzz, build their client base and boost sales.

 A Pop Up is a temporary retail activation which could last for a day or as long as three months, where you can sell your products without the headache of committing to a lease, managing swarms of employees or thinking about how to consistently drive loads of foot traffic to your doorstep.

Northgate has two projects available.

The first is s Pop Up Project Store Front location and the second will be a Shop Local event, where Northgate will be hosting a Shop Local Pop Up Project Event on Sunday, June 23.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for space here.