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More money for shelters

The province has boosted funding to protect Nipissing area women and children fleeing domestic violence. Local shelters have received a total increase of almost $60,000 for their budgets.
Bad signs

Bad signs

This sign, on Fisher Street near the North Bay bypass, was recently put up. But not all signs in the city are as pristine, Bill Walton says. Photo by Bill Walton.
<b>Rodeo Spills onto City</b>

Rodeo Spills onto City

It was the North Bay Professional Firefighters Association - Western Rodeo this weekend. I've never been to a rodeo before. I've seen them on television often enough but never in real life, not until today. It was fantastic.
Kennedy park dedicated

Kennedy park dedicated

Members of the extended Kennedy family pose for a picture at the dedication of John Kennedy Memorial Park, on Parkwood Drive, held 11 this morning.

Competition fishers hope for better bite

Competitors in this weekend's CFT Triton two-day tournament receive instructions from CFT owner and president Dan Carraro. Photo by Phil Novak.

Province comes through with big grant

A North Bay community organization has received a grant from the provincial government. The grant was delivered Thursday by Nipissing MPP Monique Smith.
Here come de judges

Here come de judges

Communities in Bloom judges Odette Dumais and Gordon Barstow will be touring North Bay today as part of the competition.

Festival Wrap Up

With the event becoming a distant memory and the official tally yet to be released, it is safe to say the North Bay Heritage Festival and Grant Forest Products Air show was not the blockbuster committee members had hoped for.

Hospital may need to finance $45 million for new facility

About $45 million dollars may have to be borrowed to get the North Bay Regional Health Centre built, Glen Scanlan says.

Hospital chairman concerned about deficit

Provincial funding received last week may not be enough for the North Bay General Hospital to continue its current level of service, board chairman Barry Bertrand says.