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This just released by the O’Canada Day committee: The scheduled Fireworks for tonight have been cancelled due to the extreme high winds.
New Carousel

New Carousel

‘Like a Humming Bird in a shoebox’, that is the description Chris Jacobs used to depict how his father would have been with today’s unveiling of the second Carousel project instillation the ‘Winter Wonderland Carousel’ during the Canada Day celebrati
O'Canada Day

O'Canada Day

Kids enjoying the Dance Camp activity as part to the Canada Day Celebrations at the waterfront this afternoon.

New program launched for young offenders

Young offenders in North Bay now have the chance to stay out of the court system.

North Bay says Yes! to JobsNow

Yes! CEO Gisele Cousineau talks about the JobsNow pilot project that is being launched in North Bay and six other Ontario cities. Photo by Phil Novak,

Bishop asks senate to study same-sex marriage bill

Jean-Louis Plouffe, the bishop of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, has commented on the adoption by parliament of Bill C-38.

Batters up for assault: morning police report

Baseball bats were used in connection with two separate incidents in the city Tuesday, the North Bay Police Service said. In the first, police allege that an arguement ensued between a man and a woman while they were out for a drive.

Northern Credit Union wins big

NEWS RELEASE NORTHERN CREDIT UNION *********************** Local credit union sets award-winning record Sault Ste.

Edible plants not edible

Some plants, labeled as an edible Mexican tomatillos, sold at the North Bay Horticultural Society's plant sale May 28, and also at the LCBO yard sale May 29, are actually a flowering plant called datura, jimsonweed or angel's trumpet.

Ontario residents asked to conserver power today

A provincial government agency is asking Ontario residents to help ease the load on electricity use today.