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Local News

Hughes Road Residents Oppose Development

Hughes Road residents appeared at City Council Monday night to voice their concerns over a proposed development post sale of city lands in that area.

Shorter Work Week

Ontario’s employees are now enjoying a shorter work week thanks to the McGuinty Government.

Fire protection funding

Nipissing MPP Monique Smith says the province will be making the region safer by improving fire safety. Smith says fire departments in the riding will be receiving money for training and equipment.

Ontario Northland purchases three locomotives

The Ontario Northland Transportation Commission has added to its fleet.

Son attacks mom

The North Bay Police Service has arrested a 16-year-old North Bay boy after he allegedly attacked his mother.

Dashney duel

Martha Gould shows where she lives in relation to the proposed rezoning of Dashney Street. Photo by Bill Tremblay, Special to

Sault Ste. Marie makes a Clean Sweep of Drama Festival

Family Life Theatre from Sault St. Marie will be heading to Theatre Ontario after winning the coveted Best Production at Quonta Award Sunday. Adjudicator David C.

Rate Set for Northern Grow Bonds

ONTARIO GOVERNMENT SETS RATE FOR NORTHERN GROW BONDS. Bonds On Sale From March 21 to April 11. Further details are included in the following news release.

Weekend Round Up

BUSY ALCOHOL RELATED WEEKEND Officers of the North Bay Police Service were kept busy this weekend with alcohol related offences.

Snowmobile accident

North Bay Ontario Provincial Police responded to a snowmobile accident this afternoon just north of Sand Dam Road in Merrick Twp. The accident involved a single snow machine, which was traveling off the OFSA trail.
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