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Wait times strategy ahead of schedule, doctor in charge says

The province has had to build a system from scratch to manage surgery waiting times , and now work on the Ontario Wait Time Strategy has gone “way ahead” of schedule, says Dr. Alan Hudson, the strategy’s lead of access to services/wait times. Dr.
A Christmas stroll

A Christmas stroll

This patriotic snowman stands in front of a Main Street shop. It was on display during Friday night's Christmas stroll. Photo by Phil Novak,

Don't eat these bean sprouts

The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit has issued a warning not to eat a certain brand of bean sprout.

Three-vehicle MVC closes Hwy 17 near Nairn Centre

Members from the OPP Detachments in Sudbury, Espanola and the Traffic and Marine Unit out of Sudbury have responded to a three-vehicle collision, which occurred on Highway 17 just east of Nairn Centre.

More Cops For City

The North Bay Police Service will hire four new police officers thanks to a Provincial program that will pay 100 per cent of their salaries and benefits.
Waterfront Friends receive CA award

Waterfront Friends receive CA award

Rod Johnston, (L), Harriet Madigan and Michael Puccini, three members of Community Waterfront Friends, display the awards they received Thursday night. Photo by Phil Novak,

Batting practice: morning police report

Two city residents are in custody after the North Bay Police Service responded to a call at 1:30 this morning concerning alleged assaults with baseball bats that had taken place within a West Ferris residence.
Grinch can't spoil Darlene's Christmas

Grinch can't spoil Darlene's Christmas

Light, garlands and wreaths were stolen from the front of Darlene Bates's residence, leaving the front of her house bare. Photo by Phil Novak,

Here's what you can donate to help Kashechewan relief

The Kashechewan Relief Program has released a list of needed items for the campaign.

Harper introduces non-confidence motion

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has introduced a non-confidence motion in the House of Commons.