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"Jason Tessier saved my life," witness tells murder trial

A witness testifying at the trial of Jason Richard Tessier told the jury that Tessier “saved my life.

Assessment ordered for woman charged in murder (Picture included)

Joline Cross will have to “languish” in jail until the end of the month because a psychiatric bed won’t be available until then for a fitness assessment, her lawyer Frank Falconi said Tuesday.

Too many fish, really big fines

A Field couple have been fined and barred from sports fishing for one year for drastically exceeding the legal walleye possession limit.

CSI North Bay?

It’s not quite CSI Miami, but the North Bay Police Service has used DNA analysis to solve a car theft which took place in the city last January. A vehicle had been stolen then from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.

Witness insisted statement not be taped, murder trial told

A statement given to police by a witness was supposed to have been a true account of what happened the day Alex Levesque died, the jury at the second-degree murder trial of Jason Richard Tessier was told.

Empire Living Centre expansion in trouble

Higher than expected construction costs have put the Empire Terrace Suites project “on the precipice,” company president Rod Mitchell says, unless city council can provide some non-financial incentives.

Fitness assessment likely in murder case

A 22-year-old woman charged with murdering Rita Quinlan will be assessed to see if she’s fit to stand trial. Joline Cross appeared before Superior Court Justice Norm Karam Monday afternoon. He held the case over until 2 p.m.

Murder charge shocks relatives, former co-worker (Picture included)

Leonard Cross “never dreamed” his second cousin Joline Cross would be capable of killing anyone.
IODE goes medieval

IODE goes medieval

The Manitou chapter of the IODE went medieval Saturday night, holding a fundraising dinner at the Clarion Resort -Pinewood Park.

Psych hospital patient charged in murder

A disagreement between two women at the North Bay Psychiatric Hospital may have led to the murder of Rita Quinlan, pictured left, North Bay Police Service inspector Mark Montgomery says.