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October Feast a hit

October Feast a hit

There was a feeling of oompah in the air Friday night at Memorial Gardens, as the North Bay and Nipissing Rotary clubs hosted October Feast.

Impaired driver 'ditches' truck

A North Bay driver has been charged with impaired driving after running his truck off the road into a ditch at the corner of Birch's and Booth Roads. The accident occurred around 5:40 Friday afternoon.

What the nuisance bear report says

A member of the province’s Nuisance Bear Review Committee is imploring new Ontario Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay to reinstate the spring bear hunt, which was cancelled four years ago.

Wait could be over for Olympian and daughter

Alison Herst is trying to remain realistic, but it looks as if she and her adopted Haitian daughter Zoe may be back home in North Bay Nov.

Voyageur reaches employment milestone

The president of Voyageur Airways says his company wouldn’t have been able to do worldwide business had it not been for Vic Fedeli and Air Base Property Corporation.

Privatization a no-no, city candidates say

Bob Bainbridge has his own theory of why some public sector jobs city jobs went the way of privatization, and his union brothers and sisters didn’t appear too thrilled to hear it.

Fire code convictions burn landlords

The owners of two houses on Main Street have pleaded guilty to violating a section of the Ontario Fire Code.

"Jason Tessier saved my life," witness tells murder trial

A witness testifying at the trial of Jason Richard Tessier told the jury that Tessier “saved my life.

Assessment ordered for woman charged in murder (Picture included)

Joline Cross will have to “languish” in jail until the end of the month because a psychiatric bed won’t be available until then for a fitness assessment, her lawyer Frank Falconi said Tuesday.

Too many fish, really big fines

A Field couple have been fined and barred from sports fishing for one year for drastically exceeding the legal walleye possession limit.