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"You can call me Mad Max"

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier speaks to anti-lockdown supports as part of this cross country tour

The Leader of the People's Party of Canada continued his Mad Max Summer 2021 Pre-Election Cross-Canada Tour with a stop at Lee Park near the shores of Lake Nipissing in North Bay Sunday afternoon. 

Bernier was surrounded by many anti-lockdown supporters as he expressed his frustration. 

He says he is angry. 

"You can call me Mad Max," he stated.  

"Canadians are losing their freedoms at a rapid pace," added the former Quebec Conservative MP told the group of more than 100 supporters at the park.  

Bernier was joined by local People's Party Candidate, Greg Galante who spoke to the crowd prior to Bernier's introduction. 

"It takes character to stand up for your rights," the former Toronto firefighter said crediting the supporters for taking part.  

Of course, Bernier touched on his concern over the COVID-19 pandemic warning the supporters that a Vaccine Passport is on its way as a means to divide the country. 

"Our biggest fight will be with the Vaccine Passport because it is coming," he said. 

"We are under attack by all the traditional political parties because of COVID-19; the COVID-19 hysteria." 

Bernier vented on his frustration while in Mantioba where he was arrested and fined for arranging a PPC public gathering in Winnipeg back in early June. 

The PPC leader spoke out against COVID-19 vaccines.  

"We have the data for over a year, and that is why I believe that I am the only leader of a national party that says 'no' to the COVID-19 vaccine," he exclaimed. 

"I am looking at the data and if I have COVID-19 my survival rate is 99.95 per cent so why do I need that vaccine."  

Bernier, who has been traveling through northern Ontario, took a page out of North Bay's Mike Harris saying the country needs a "common sense revolution."   

He expects a federal election to be called this fall.  

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